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Did you know that Alexander the Great was a big advocate of shaving during his reign in 4th century BC because it prevented 'dangerous beard-grabbing in combat'. Living in the future the frequency of combat-beard-grabbing antics has subsided but a clean shave remains a style choice for many of us out there.

Potentially you could shave between 15,000 to 20,000 times from the age of 15 to 75 (after 75 you are less concerned with facial hair and more concerned whether you can make it to the letterbox and back without forgetting your own name.)

Shaving can have numerous less than desirable side effects that can be unattractive and irritating.

Here are a few tips to improve your shaving experience:

1. Use water. Any stubble should be wetted with warm water prior to shaving. This actually increases the size of the hair shaft and makes it easier for the razor to shave this rather than your face.

2. Wash your fash. Using a facial cleanser removes extra debris from your face like dirt or dead skin cells. This means you have a smoother face so the razor can glide more easily.

3. Lubricate. Leave the shave gel on for a moment or two before you start shaving. Using a shave gel allows a razor to move smoothly across the skin and avoid scraping the skin which will cause irritation.

4. Choose good ingredients. Something that has aloe vera and vitamins will soothe the skin. Ingredients like menthol can aggravate raw skin in some cases.

5. Use a sharp blade. Sounds pretty obvious. So don't be a tight and drag blunt blades over your face. Ditch them after about 4 rounds for a fresh blade.



Oily Hair Tips ShampooConditioner.jpg

Your nickname Slick at the office is unfortunately not in relation to the James Bond esk approach to life but the appearance of your hair?

First thing to know is that most of those who believe they have oily hair are actually experiencing an oily scalp. The oil from the scalp makes its way down the hair shaft giving your hair an oily feel and look.

Few causes of an oily scalp are; it's hereditary (check out your Dad's hair), hormones (mostly for teenagers),or hair texture (fine hair is normally oilier than coarse hair).
So as you can see there is not a great deal you can do about the causes but you can manage the way you handle it.

1. Wash your scalp. When washing your hair cos its looking oily, remember you actually need to wash your scalp to remove the oil build up. Use your fingers to rub the shampoo firmly into your scalp.

2. Limit grooming. The more you brush, touch, run your fingers through your hair to more you assist the oil moving further down the hair shaft making it more obvious in your appearance.

3. Have warm showers.  Having really hot showers can stimulate the production of oil on your scalp, so turn the cold tap a bit more to the left and have a warm one instead.

Remember a bit of oil is fine it helps protect your hair and makes it shiny so you don't need super squeaky clean hair void of oil but you would prefer if your nickname was in relation to your pure awesomeness and not your oily hair.



Products.jpgDry Skin 

Mostly feels "tight", itchy or uncomfortable and sometime more so after washing. It can also look tight on the face, and look kinda dull.

Things like wind, temperature and the aircon can cause your skin to feel dry or increase the dryness. Poor diet can also contribute to dry skin.

Things that help out with dry skin are:

1. Use a moisturiser.  After your shower apply a moisteriser. It will reduce that tight feeling by lubricating and replacing that lost moisture in your face.

2. Bathe frequently. but not too frequently. Each time you shower you are washing off dirt (which is good) but also the natural oils that keep your skin from getting too dry. If you already have dry skin and you are showering alot this can make the situation worse. So if you can reduce the number of showers and keep your friends that's a good option. If not, keep that moisteriser handy.

3. Keep fit. This actually rejuvinates your skin from within. Then you also sculpt your "guns" to impress the ladies.

4. Drink water. Everyone says it. Do it.

5. Wash your scalp.  Good for many things, fixing dry skin is one of the many benefits. Do that too.

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