Sex And The City and YOU


Sex And The City and YOU

Welcome to June!  In Australia this is the month that we need to start to think Tax refund, the month that kicks of the Ski Season and the month where AFL have a mid season break and your girlfriend suggests that it would be nice to spend that weekend doing something she likes.  As it is 2010, June is about surviving The Sex and the City (II) Movie

Get the look ...

For all the men out there whose girlfriends have insisted that they share the Sex and the City sequel, my condolences.  No matter how you look at it, it's going to be painful.  Let's face it, for an Aussie guy, this will be two hours of your life that you will never get back so if you have to go, then start preparing and why not make it fun for her.  For this DATE, you have to look the part also.  Your girlfriend will walk out of the movie thinking she is one of the Fab Four (when I mention Fab Four I am referring to Carrie and the girls, not the Brisbane midfield that won 3 AFL premierships in a row) and will look to you as her Mr Big! 

Be well-groomed

With Assistance from Beauty Mate, there is every chance that you are going to look as refine fabulous as Mr Big. Dressing properly and looking smart really helps to put her in the mood.  Beauty Mate can help you here with any of their well priced, home delivered grooming products.  I would recommend the following items to get you started; 

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Now that you are looking dapper, its time to dress like Mr Big: 

Dress Dark
 What this means is simply stay mysterious with dark colours (stay away from blue or brown socks). Mr Big was always in a suit, perhaps wear something a little more casual but at the same time stay in character for your girlfriend's sake, black jeans, with a dark shirt and shiny leather shoes always help with the important look. 

It's all in the shoes...

Toss the Birkenstocks and opt for spotless shinny dark leather shoes.  As my mum says "you're only as clean as your shoes are".   I know it's hard to do, but for your chicks sake comfort is not the key here: important note is not to stop at the shoes, go buy some fresh dark socks (not blue or brown), feel good to the bone I say! 

During the movie...

With the movie two hours long, you need a chance to break away from your girlfriend and get some air.  My little secret tip is, COFFEE!  You will notice in the movie the girls are either sculling cosmopolitans or meeting up for a coffee to gossip.  Well my suggestion is to excuse yourself for a toilet break, get outside amongst the fresh air, make a couple of calls to friends, check the World Cup football score and then just as you are about to go back in, grab two take away coffees to take back into the cinema.  At first your girlfriend will be upset that you missed a large chunk of the movie, but all is forgotten when you bear gifts.  For $3.50, believe me it is worth it.  She will feel like a princess in the movie house as there will not be too many other Carrie wannabes in the theatre drinking coffee when the Fab Four are on the big screen gossiping.  Conversation Its good to know a bit about what the girls are going to wear in the movie. I would spend about 20 minutes on the internet and learn some of the following Fab Fours fashion choices.  Trust me your stock will go up in value if you can discuss Jimmy Choo's new range. 

"Sex and the City" favourite designer labels...

·Manolo Blahnik 
·Richard Tyler 
·Jimmy Choo 
·Dolce & Gabbana 
·Roberto Cavalli   

Now the movie has finished you can take back control again, if fiscally possible catch a cab to your next destination.  It's the Sex and the City's main form of transport.   Now you have made it her perfect night; don't go out introducing outside influences that may put a damper on the night. Take your girlfriends glow home and see where it takes you, if it's an early night then don't worry, the reward will come later.   

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